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Developer Forex Cash Rocket

   Forex Cash Rocket is simply the most advanced robot available to the public.
Neural Adaptive Market Analysis (NAMA):

This is the secret sauce that gives Forex Cash Rocket it’s high-octane power. During each trading session, The NAMA algorithm reviews past market patterns and makes a prediction of the type of market and the best trading strategy to use.

Here’s the spooky part – as Forex Cash Rocket Trades – it keeps getting smarter and smarter about the market. Just like wall street trader, the Robot learns when to play and when to wait. This is the closest thing to having a seasoned trader sitting by your side as you make trades.

The best part is that the Neural Adaptive Market Analysis engine eats volatile markets for breakfast. Unlike other robots that freeze in hot markets, Forex Cash Rocket just adapts its trading strategy to match the conditions – putting you in prime position to profit.
True Multi-Market Technology

We gave Forex Cash Rocket the power to trade in multiple currencies with equal saviness and accuracy. You no longer have to leave money on the table because you are trading with a single-currency bot.

Forex Cash Rocket will scan multiple currency pairs, size up the opportunity, and alert you to possible trades.

This feature along could double (even triple) your trade efficiency and profitability. No other robot has this flexibility.

Cruise-Missile Precise Trades
You can have all the computing horsepower in the world under the hood – but it means nothing if your robot can’t execute precise trades at blinding speed. We spent weeks refining Forex Cash Rocket’s code to insure that it precisely enters and exits trades at the right price. You no longer will need to sacrifice pips because your Robot is too slow.
To prove that- one of our engineers managed to record live footage of the Forex Cash Rocket Trading- see this video below to see we're not overexagerrating about this product!

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